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This project has moved to www.typomedia.org/wordpress/plugins/wordpress-media-tags/

Erstellt am 25. August 2011 von Philipp Speck. Zuletzt aktualisiert am 18. January 2013.

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  2. Belinda Johnstone
    13. February 2012 um 06:08

    Hi Philipp,

    I have just installed your plugin, which is just what I’ve been looking for for months!! Thank you.
    Just one question… is there a way to adjust the order of the thumbnails?


  3. Richard Hamel
    24. June 2012 um 15:54

    Is there a way to have the “add media” option (directly from a post or page) display the media tags — like it does in the Media Library?

    Right now, I have too many images. I was hoping that Media Tags would fix this problem.

  4. Juan Angel
    17. July 2012 um 01:33


    Your plugin is great, but I need to be able to search / filter those tags in my front page. Is there a way? Widget? Anything?

    Thank you for your time.

  5. David Radovanovic
    20. September 2012 um 01:18

    Anyway to apply tags via bulk in media?

  6. Philipp
    2. October 2012 um 14:35

    @David: Nope! The plugin works, but it’s not at the point, where I’d like to have it. Maybe this function will come in a later release. I need this function, too. Help in coding is welcome!
    Edit: The only way to do bluk changes at the moment is by SQL.

  7. Brae
    16. October 2012 um 10:07

    Weird bug:
    foo [shortcode] bar becomes [shortcode output] foo bar
    This is with all CSS disabled and no other content modifying code like PHP or jQuery.
    Any clues?

  8. Brae
    16. October 2012 um 11:53

    I solved my own problem:
    wp_media_tags_plugin::media_tags_query($name, $size);
    return wp_media_tags_plugin::media_tags_query($name, $size);
    echo $output; to return $output;
    that fixes everything

  9. Philipp
    16. October 2012 um 14:35

    @Brae: Thank you for solving this problem. After checking that issue I will fix it in the next release.

  10. Philipp
    16. October 2012 um 19:49

    @Brae: With your fix it’s not possible to display more than one image. I solved it, but I have to test it before I’ll upload a new version. Look here: http://www.destio.de/tools/wordpress-media-tags/wordpress-media-tags-demo/

  11. Chris
    19. October 2012 um 19:58

    @philipp, do you have that fix yet? What needs to change to prevent the gallery from showing up before all of the content on the page?

    I did what Brae did and got the single image result like you so what else needs to change to make multiple images show up?


  12. Philipp Speck
    22. October 2012 um 21:12

    Please check out the new version of WordPress Media Tags 1.1!

  13. zach_rww
    2. January 2013 um 18:59

    Hello! Great plugin. Is there a way to add a default tag to all Media Uploads?

  14. Philipp Speck
    14. January 2013 um 14:30

    No, there isn’t. I even don’t know if the plugin works with the new Media Manager in WordPress 3.5.