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Erstellt am 21. February 2011 von Philipp Speck. Zuletzt aktualisiert am 18. January 2013.

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  1. Arun
    28. February 2011 um 08:36

    I have added this Plugin details to http://2wp.org/wordpress-meta-robots-plugin/ .. It’s a cool plugin for setting meta data.

  2. Jonathan
    3. March 2011 um 12:52


    This is a great plugin, but somehow I can’t make it show up on the post-edit page. Only on the page-edit-page…. What am i Missing?


  3. Philipp
    3. March 2011 um 14:54

    I guess, Meta Robots is hidden. Open the pull down tab called “Screen options” in the right corner and check the check box. If you can’t find it, look here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/screen-options/

  4. Jonathan
    4. March 2011 um 14:14

    Hey Philipp, thanks for the answer…

    But it doesn’t show up even in the screen-options-field. On the pages it does, but not on the post page….

    weird… I have WP 3.1, and some other plugins…

    Any more ideas?

  5. Philipp
    4. March 2011 um 15:43

    Oh, I just forgot to implement this function in the new release. I will upload a new version after work. Thanks for your tip ;)

  6. Jonathan
    5. March 2011 um 07:23

    Thanks! Now it works :)

  7. ken
    15. April 2011 um 17:13

    Hello does your plugin work for wordpress the latest release,cos i uploaded it to my page and it dont make a admin panel for it?

    regards ken

  8. Philipp
    18. April 2011 um 11:15

    First you have to activate it under ‘Plugins’. After you’ll find it on post/page edit page.

  9. Ray
    9. May 2011 um 17:58

    Nice plugin, but is there any way to tailor it to one particular robot (for instance, Googlebot-News)? I want to set this robot to noindex,nofollow certain posts, but leave the other robot settings intact. Thanks!

  10. Philipp
    12. May 2011 um 12:21

    You want to control each crawler seperatly? Don’t get me wrong, but for the most users this function won’t be needed. BTW the handling of the plugin will be more complex and the head of your html output full of unnecessary entries. Thanks for your suggestion!

  11. Ofer
    12. August 2011 um 16:42

    I have downloaded the plug and activated it, I can change on each page the settings – but what about my home page? The plug made it noindex, nofollow??? How do I set it to index, follow?

    Thanking you in advanced,

  12. Philipp
    12. August 2011 um 16:45

    Look under ‘General Settings’ > ‘Privacy’.

  13. Ofer
    12. August 2011 um 22:43

    Sorry, but my control panel is in hebrew and under Settings > Genral there is nothing to do with Meta Robots, you can just set the format of time, day, website name, description and so on…
    I have no way to change the Meta Robots on my Home Page – the Meta Rbots plug appear only on the pages I have created, and for some odd reason the Home Page is automatically set to Noindex, Nofollow.

    Thank you very much,

  14. Philipp
    13. August 2011 um 13:28

    After login go to http://www.yoursitename.com/wp-admin/options-privacy.php and set the site visibility to ”I would like my site to be visible to everyone…” This is an embedded function of WordPress for a general site visibility. For more information look here http://codex.wordpress.org/Settings_Privacy_Screen

  15. Ofer
    13. August 2011 um 22:42

    Hi aganin,
    It is set for “I would like my site to be visible to everyone”, but the plug set my home page to be noindex, nofollow… When the plug is off the noindex, nofollw on the home page disapears…

    What should I do?

    Thank you very much,

  16. Philipp
    14. August 2011 um 11:50

    You can change it on the post/page edit page for a specific post/page. What does your WordPress installation show as front page? The blog or a specific page?

  17. Ofer
    14. August 2011 um 13:26

    On each pager I can set the Meta Robots, but I do not have acsses to the Home page on my theme…


  18. Philipp
    14. August 2011 um 14:14

    There is no setting for the home page. I can’t help you, if you don’t answer my questions. What is shown on the home page? A static page or posts? Send me a link of your site by email.

  19. Ofer
    14. August 2011 um 14:26

    It is a static page. I made some corrections to my home page and added a Meta Robts to my home page – but still the plug add another one…

    just sent you the URL to mail@destio.de


  20. Philipp
    14. August 2011 um 17:54

    The plugin itself is adding the necessary entry in your html head area. You don’t need to add code for this plugin. If your front page is a static page then check the meta robots value of this specific page. I argue, you have set it to ‘noindex, nofollow’.

  21. Ofer
    14. August 2011 um 18:12

    I could not set it to noindex, nofollow – because there the plug appears only on the pages building the main menu panel on the Home page… I do not see the Home page like I see the other pages.
    What about trying to add something like:

    Meta Code

    to the plug?


  22. Philipp
    14. August 2011 um 18:40

    It seems that you don’t have a standard installation of WordPress. If you have a static page assigned as front page, why you can’t edit it like other pages? Sorry, but I can not help you with that. For now please answer by email.

  23. Gerardo
    24. December 2011 um 17:52

    hello, is it explained in some place what do the 4 options mean, please;? index, follow…etc. I can imagine but It is not so clear for me. Thanks
    Happy Christmas!

  24. Philipp
    30. December 2011 um 11:32

    I will explain it in the description of the next release ;)

  25. Makarov
    26. February 2012 um 07:50

    This plugin is easy to use, I really like it. But I found many errors in the error_log on the host. This means that increase size of error_log. I have to delete it every week to not exceed my disk space. Below is the error I found.

    “WordPress database error Duplicate column name ‘meta_robots’ for query ALTER TABLE wp_posts ADD COLUMN meta_robots varchar(20) made by require, require_once, require_once, require_once, do_action, call_user_func_array, wp_meta_robots_plugin->meta_robots_addcolumn

    WordPress database error Duplicate column name ‘meta_robots’ for query ALTER TABLE wp_posts ADD COLUMN meta_robots varchar(20) made by require_once, require_once, require_once, do_action, call_user_func_array, wp_meta_robots_plugin->meta_robots_addcolumn”

    How do I solve this error. Please help me.

  26. Nick
    28. March 2012 um 13:52

    Hi Philipp

    Great plugin, thanks for making it available.

    I’ll donate shortly and would like to add a request to the “wishlist” for future features …

    Any chance of adding support for:





    Nick :)

  27. Chuck Lasker
    31. March 2012 um 01:19

    I, too, am having the issue of noindex, nofollow on the home page. The home page is set to show blog posts, and I’m using the Genesis framework. The framework does pull the Featured Image from Posts that are set to noindex, nofollow using your plugin. Does it pull it from the settings of any posts referred to in the home page?

    The reason I’m using your plugin is I have 6 posts that exists solely to provide images for a home page slider. So I want those Featured Images to show up on the home page, but I don’t want the search engines to index the 6 posts themselves. Is there a way around this?

    Hopefully I was more clear than the previous person. Thank you.

  28. Sebastian
    26. May 2012 um 04:47

    Hello. Got the same issue as Ofer got couple of months ago. Cannot find a way to set the homepage’s robots-value to ‘index, follow’. What ever I try it remains ‘noindex, nofollow’. Any other page or post is to be set individually and this works pretty good. Under Settings/privacy, site is visible. Homepage is the blog, not a static page. Actually, ‘is_home()’ would have to return ‘true’ in your file ‘wp-meta-robots.php’ and function add_meta_robots_tag(), followed by ‘index, follow’ on the homepage’s robots-value, but it doesn’t. Would it be maybe possible to include a feature to set the homepage individually, outside of the function add_meta_robots_tag()?

    Hope to do not annoy you by restarting that issue, Sebastian

    Installed the blog 2 months ago, and up to know, couldn’t find any other plugin to get the job done (individual meta-robots-tag-setting). Thus, pretty much thanks to you.

  29. Jaca
    26. May 2012 um 13:03

    First of all thanks for useful plugin. I was wondering how to use it to noindex main pagination pages (not only tags archives and categories). Can you pas code witch will sort it out ?

  30. lisa
    31. May 2012 um 02:43

    Hi – if I am on an individual page and set the option to “no index no follow”, and then go to the overall listing of pages, the Robots Meta column still shows “index, follow” for the page I just changed.

  31. Detlev
    1. August 2012 um 15:04

    Hi Philipp,

    there ist a tiny little issue, when you update WP and the Plugin ist enabled: it throws: Duplicate column name ‘meta_robots’
    So if you don’t mind it would be so nice if you could update your plugin an put sth like this in the new version:

    function meta_robots_addcolumn() {
    global $wpdb;
    if (false === mysql_query(“select meta_robots from $wpdb->posts limit 1 ” )) {
    $wpdb->query(“ALTER TABLE $wpdb->posts ADD COLUMN meta_robots varchar(20)”);

    Thank you in advance

  32. Philipp
    3. August 2012 um 15:12

    @Detlev: Done! Thanks for your support. Please update now and check your error_log

  33. Philipp
    3. August 2012 um 15:36

    WordPress Meta Robots 2.0 is out now!

  34. Renato
    9. August 2012 um 02:32

    like to translate it into Portuguese of Brazil, but did not find the files. po