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Erstellt am 12. May 2011 von Philipp Speck. Zuletzt aktualisiert am 18. January 2013.

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  1. Eric Peterka
    17. May 2011 um 22:42


    Use strip_tags on the excerpt. Line 21 changed to:

    echo 'post_excerpt).'" />'."\n";

    If someone has html tags in their excerpts, it can cause problems, especially if there are quotes in the tags. Those tags should be stripped from the meta description text.

  2. Philipp
    17. May 2011 um 23:27

    You are right! Thank you for your suggestion. New version already uploaded to repository.

  3. Eric Peterka
    18. May 2011 um 14:54

    Thanks for the quick update.

    A few more comments.

    I also added a “priority” to the add action for wp_head. Mine now reads:

    add_action('wp_head', array('wp_meta_desc_plugin','add_meta_desc_tag'), 0 );

    That moves the meta description tag up higher in the <head> section.

    Also, the cut string thing should be an option. If it were me, I’d make a settings page for the plugin, and allow that to be configured. Just a number is fine, number of characters for the limit. If it’s zero, don’t trim at all, otherwise trim to the specified length.

    If it has a settings page, the “priority” for the wp_head functions could also be user adjustable the same way.

    If I get a chance in the next few days, I might make a settings page version, if you don’t get a chance.

  4. Philipp
    19. May 2011 um 13:20

    @Eric: One primary goal of my plugin is to keep it simple – simple for users. I think there is no need to make an option page for that. Anyway the search engines will cut a too long descriptions. I just want to prevent too long text in output. A higher priority can be helpful for a clean head area, but doesn’t need an option page. Keep things simple! Thank you for support!

  5. Louis
    1. June 2011 um 05:07

    Hey Philipp,
    is it also possible to change meta description of the “Home” Site?

  6. Václav
    1. June 2011 um 14:06

    Hello Phillip,

    just stopped by to thank you for your plugin! Very, very simple in code (thus easy to modify but mainly not bloated with unimportant stuff) and effective. That’s what I’m always looking for.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Philipp
    1. June 2011 um 14:21

    Per default WordPress is displaying its blog as fontpage. In most of my projects I have assigned the blog to a static page. So I don’t have this problem.
    But anyway, it should be possible to change the meta description on the blog. I will think about the realization! Maybe I will add an extra text field in ‘General Settings’ for this purpose in the next release.

  8. Louis
    2. June 2011 um 02:32

    Sounds good. I really like the plugin because its very simple to use. Good Job!

  9. Muad MZ
    26. June 2011 um 03:50

    Could you let me know if the script allows meta description for the main page? I see the wordpress does have an option for us to put meta description of our choice for the main page. Hence seach engines takes texts from the posts or other areas inside the main page.

    Im looking for a plugin to change just the main page meta description.

  10. Philipp
    1. July 2011 um 10:25

    @Muad MZ: I will implement this function in the next release.

  11. Peter
    7. September 2011 um 01:04

    I’m getting odd output from this plugin:


    where does all that stuff come from

  12. henk
    12. January 2012 um 15:32

    how to ad meta description to frontpage / homepage?

  13. Philipp
    14. January 2012 um 19:59

    This feature I will add soon.

  14. William
    27. August 2012 um 11:05


    This plugin doesn’t work for me!



  15. Philipp
    27. August 2012 um 12:06

    Your WordPress Installation doesn’t seem to work either.

  16. michael
    11. October 2012 um 20:25


    Google removed us from their index almost entirely after adding the plugin (we did not change anything or set anything). The only pages that were left in the index were another website copied and embedded in one of the pages, that obvious is using its own header and meta formats. Has anyone else run into a similar problem??

  17. Philipp
    12. October 2012 um 11:25

    The meta descriptin tag itself does not cause banning from Google. The algorythm behind Google is a top secrect, but I guess your site is maybe not popular enough for them to kepp you in the results.

  18. Paul
    10. November 2012 um 23:08

    Hello Philipp Speck,

    Thank you for this great plugin.
    Please keep it up !

    To all WP users out there,

    this is the only SEO tool you will ever need for those who write good content and keep it real.